Boron 0.2.8
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCUBindTargetHolds information for binding functions
oCUBufferThe UBuffer struct holds information about a resource, usually a chuck of memory
oCUCellA cell holds a single value
oCUCellCoordUCell structure for coord type
oCUCellIdBasic type identification
oCUCellNumberUCell structure for number types
oCUCellSeriesUCell structure for series types
oCUCellWordUCell structure for word types
oCUDatatypeThe UDatatype struct holds methods for a specific class of data
oCUEnvParametersThe UEnvParameters struct allows the user to override default buffer and structure sizes
oCUPortDeviceThe UPortDevice struct holds methods for a class of input/ouput device
oCUSeriesTypeThe USeriesType struct holds extra methods for series datatypes
\CUThreadThe UThread struct stores the data specific to a thread of execution

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